Tasty Troll
May be Habit Forming

Tasty Troll was founded by Brandon and Jennifer Hill (Mr. & Mrs. Troll) in August of 2013. Driven by Mrs. Troll's need for a satisfying All Day Vape, Twisted Menthol was born. Soon after, Ooey Gooey Goodness and Om Nom Nom came to fruition. Tasty Troll, with the support of an amazing local vape community, became an instant success, expanding their product line to include two additional flavors, Marsh-Mellow Mojo and 42. Mr. & Mrs. Troll were dedicated to their involvement with local vape meets to promote Tobacco Harm Reduction advocacy, and support other fledgling businesses in the industry.

In the fall of 2014, the growing uncertainty surrounding regulations of the vape industry, combined with a need to focus on their family, compelled Mr. & Mrs. Troll to make the difficult decision to take a break from producing Tasty Troll. This announcement was met by overwhelming love and support from the local vape community. Though the Trolls' focus had temporarily shifted, they remained committed to someday resuming production.

In April of 2018, Tasty Troll partnered with Mountain Oak Vapors to relaunch their e liquid line. This partnership allows the Trolls to maintain a focus on their family, comply with industry regulations, and bring the deliciousness Tasty Troll has always been known for back to our loyal fans. We look forward to sharing our passion for delectable premium e liquids with you!